Accelerating System Transformation, Durham University Leadership Programme

Dear Colleague

Invitation for applications to join the National Leading Health and Wellbeing Programme 2014/15 Accelerating System Transformation

I write to invite you to nominate key senior staff in your organisation, partnerships or networks to join the National ‘Leading Health and Wellbeing Programme 2014/15’ – Accelerating System Transformation

Durham University, working with a range of key partners, has designed this programme as one of a portfolio of Health and Wellbeing leadership programmes. Speakers on the one year programme will include a wide range of national experts in the fields of health and wellbeing improvement, leadership and system improvement methodologies, backed up with personal development tools, coaching and action learning support.

There is an introductory Webex on the 31st March and the first residential learning event in June 2014.  Those taking part in it will be able to better understand the new public health system in England and hear about developments elsewhere in the UK.  They will also be able to share progress, issues and aspirations around the shift of public health functions and services to local government, the implementation and progress of Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Public Health England and Health Education England, as well as all other aspects of improving health and reducing health inequalities  at national and local levels. 

Although individual applications are very welcome, for maximum benefit it is recommended that multiagency teams of 3-4 people working on a shared agenda from across local partnerships, in particular Health and Wellbeing Boards, apply to join the programme. A substantial discount applies to applications from teams of four or more.

This one year evidence-based leadership programme has now been well tested and externally evaluated, and has been run at both national and regional levels in association with the LGA.  It has been run across Yorkshire and Humberside, the North East, South Central, and has been run in Scotland with the support of NHS Scotland.

We are well aware of, and fully appreciate, the immense pressures and challenges arising from the present economic situation and from the major policy and organisational changes that have taken place but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, we believe these developments make the need for such systems leadership programmes all the more timely and necessary. Leading in new ways beyond boundaries across places and systems is essential if limited resources are to have maximum impact in meeting the complex challenges facing those engaged in health improvement and wellbeing. 

The advisory board for the programme comprises a range of national organisations, with the programme serving as a platform for delivering key policy messages and developing leadership and improvement skills across the health and wellbeing community.  We have an extensive network of well over 600 senior individuals who have been through this one-year programme and who continue to be part of a national network of improvement leaders.

Please do help spread the word about this programme by cascading the information through your local public health and partnership networks. The closing date for applications is 5pm on 31st March 2014.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact me directly ( ) or the Programme Director, Dr Catherine Hannaway ( ), for further information or to answer any queries you may have. All details, including module dates, cost, eligibility criteria and an on-line application form can be found at:

With kind regards

David J Hunter

Professor of Health Policy and Management, Centre for Public Policy and Health, 

School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University