PhD Studentship ~ Exploring the potential to promote healthy ageing and reduce multimorbidity by enhancing social connections post-retirement @ShefHealthspan @ScHARRpubhealth

Studentship available for 3.5years to undertake research on healthy ageing with Liddy Goyder and Andrea Wigfield at the Healthy Lifespan Institute ⁦‪@sheffielduni⁩. Project start date by December 2019.

This studentship is part of the Healthy Lifespan Institute at the University of Sheffield, a newly formed flagship research initiative with the mission to prevent multimorbidity through innovative policies, services and products. Multimorbidity is a rapidly increasing global epidemic due to population ageing. The Institute is built on the twin pillars of research excellence and impact innovation to understand the common biological and social processes underpinning multimorbidity as people age and discover novel ways to intervene at different stages of the life course. The Institute comprises of more than 120 leading researchers from across four faculties, led by the medical and social sciences, with a unique focus on improving health across the life course by preventing multimorbidity – the presence of two or more chronic health conditions – and age-related frailty. 

Supervisors: Prof. Elizabeth Goyder (School of Health and Related Research) and Dr. Andrea Wigfield (Department of Sociological Studies).
See for more details

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