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Telehealth and telecare – POST Note

The UK’s elderly population is growing and with it the number of people with long-term health problems. This is putting pressure on the health and social care systems. Increased use of technology such as telehealth and telecare may help to improve quality of care and reduce costs. This note describes current UK telehealth and telecare initiatives and the role they may play in delivering future care.


 Telehealth (remote monitoring) and telecare (remote collection of patient data) are
increasingly used in the care of the elderly and those with long-term health problems

 The Government has supported initiatives to assess the benefits of integrated care
supported by telehealth and telecare.

 The largest of these showed a potential reduction in deaths among patients, but
found that telehealth and telecare did not reduce use of social or health care.

 Evidence to date suggests that to be costeffective, telehealth and telecare would
need to be implemented at a large scale.

 The success of telehealth and telecare will depend on doctors, patients and workers
across a wide range of sectors.


Published 14 February 2014 | POST notes POST PN 456

Authors: Peter Border

Topic: Health financeHealth servicesHealth staff and professions,Medicine