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Yorkshire Health Study: a decade of public engagement in health research and a legacy resource for years to come.

With NIHR CLAHRC YH coming to an end in September 2019,  the Yorkshire health study project has entered a new stage.  Data collection data has now ended and the study team is concentrating on the the organisation, and presentation of this large data set into a research ready resource for further academic enquiry, which will help improve health services for years to come.

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The Yorkshire Health Study (previously known as South Yorkshire Cohort), is a longitudinal observational regional health study that has collected health information from residents of the Yorkshire and Humberside region since 2010.

With the help of many thousands of people across the region this study has achieved great success in amassing a data set of over 73,000 records from the public via online and paper questionnaires.


This data has provided valuable insight into the health of the people in Yorkshire and the Humber, helping researchers improve services for the people who need them most.

The study has already supported a number of research studies https://www.yorkshirehealthstudy.org/your-research-studies producing more than 30 published papers. https://www.yorkshirehealthstudy.org/publications 

Find out more about the Public Health and Ineqaulties theme http://clahrc-yh.nihr.ac.uk/our-themes/public-health-and-inequalities  

Please contact m.h.fox@sheffield.ac.uk if you have any queries regarding this project.