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The NIHR Infrastructure has partnered with the UCL Academic Careers Office to offer a number of places on the ADAPT to Grow scheme – a resilience building programme for early career researchers. Please circulate this to eligible trainees so they can register if they have an interest in this course. We have a limited number of places available but if we know the level of demand we can better plan for the future.

The scheme is open to trainees (doctoral and post-doctoral) from any professional background who are fully or partly (above 25%) funded by the BRCs, CLAHRCs and PSTRCs. If you have any queries on eligibility contact us on

What’s ADAPT to Grow?

This is an online training programme in resilience skills based on cognitive behavioural coaching for early career academics. The programme is proactive and collaborative in its approach and focuses on maximising your potential for a successful career.

We all encounter difficulties and setbacks as our careers progress; learning how to manage these and building resilience will help you reach your potential more quickly. This course has been particularly useful for individuals in a period of transition.

What are the benefits?

This programme will empower you to:

  • Boost your leadership skills and confidence
  • Successfully navigate the interface of the clinic and research
  • Build an effective and supportive network
  • Develop techniques that will help you cope with and manage work-related stress and anxiety

“I have been taught principles of self-coaching, time management, self-ownership and stress management which I will aim to use on an everyday basis in my work as a clinician and researcher.” ADAPT to Grow participant

“The sessions has equipped me with a useful framework to think through challenges and set-backs – which being an academic, there are many.” ADAPT to Grow participant

How will the sessions work?

You will be allocated four one-hour Skype sessions with a coach trained in a proactive and collaborative cognitive behavioural coaching approach. You will have six months starting in July 2018 to complete your four sessions and you can space them out however you wish.

It’s entirely up to you to decide which work or career related topics you want to bring to the discussions. Prior to each session, some brief planning to identify the topic(s) you would like to focus upon will ensure that the time is used optimally and you obtain the maximum benefit from your session.

The programme is free for eligible participants. For more information about the programme, please visit

How can I apply?

The scheme is currently open to trainees from any professional background who are fully or partly (above 25%) funded by the BRCs, CLAHRCs and PSTRCs. All candidates will be asked to say which part of the NIHR infrastructure, i.e. which BRC/CLAHRC/PSTRC, they are part of.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply by completing this short registration form –

The deadline for applications is 15 June 2018.

Best wishes

NIHR Infrastructure team, TCC


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