Training_Evidence and Evaluation workshop @WEAHSN @CLAHRC_West

Evidence and Evaluation workshop training:  One day training event from West of England AHSN & CLAHRC West to support trainers and share resources

27th September 2017 Time:  10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

CLAHRC West offices in central Bristol 

Limited places available deadline to register interest 08/09/2017

West of England AHSN and CLAHRC West are offering a one day training event for other AHSN and CLAHRC staff to learn about delivering two successful workshops:  ‘Finding the Evidence’ and ‘Getting Started with Service Evaluation’. These two workshops have been designed specifically for commissioners to support the ongoing drive for greater use of evidence and evaluation in commissioning processes and generate wider engagement with these activities.  The importance of this approach has been highlighted in the ‘5 Year Forward View’ to support system transformation in the current climate of financial constraint and a growing demand for health services.

 To date in the West of England region, the two 2-hour workshops  have been delivered to 142 staff across seven CCGs and have been positively evaluated, with consistent ratings of ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’.  A 3-6 month follow up of participants recorded one participant getting “more reliable evidence as a result [of attending the Evidence workshop]” for business cases and other purposes, and another who changed policy resulting in significant in-year savings, having found no evidence of clinical effectiveness for a routine procedure, patella resurfacing.  She said: “the workshop made me go out and check some of these things and not take things at face value”.  The Evaluation Workshop helped one participant get started with their evaluation, which was successfully completed on follow-up.

 This one day training event is an exciting opportunity to learn the course material in an engaging and interactive session, designed to support anyone wanting to deliver the workshops in their own area.  In response to interest and demand from within and outside the West of England, we have begun to create an electronic ‘train the trainer’ package to enable cost-effective spread across our region and beyond – to CCGs, STPs and other health organisations.   The  course material will be presented as a mixture of face-to-face and newly-created electronic resources; you will be invited go to give your feedback on these components – so come prepared to join in, share ideas and take away plenty of tips and resources!

Number of places available: 8 places available ( 4 places already booked; maximum number of participants: 12)

Cost: Free of charge.

Please register your interest with Lucy Pettler on by 8th September 2017.


Ask the Researcher event_ #Osteoarthritis & Stem cells #PPI @msdresearch

Skeletal Ageing and Osteoarthritis: the Role of Stem Cells

14th September 2017 12:30-2:30pm and 6pm-8pm.

Research on how mesenchymal stem cells are involved in tissue damage in osteoarthritis, and how this can be treated

Osteoarthritis (OA) is an age-related disease. However, ageing and OA are independent processes. In older individuals, factors related to normal ageing (for example, stem cell exhaustion) converge with OA risk factors (for example, genetic factors or obesity) leading to joint tissue deterioration and painful disease. Osteoarthritis involves damage to both cartilage (smooth elastic joint tissue) and the underlying bone. In older people, continued mechanical forces applied to the joints, which may be exacerbated by obesity, lead to cell death in these tissues. Stem cells supply new healthy cells to these tissues, and are termed mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). In this talk, Dr Elena Jones will present research which shows that the numbers and function of joint-resident MSCs decline with healthy ageing. Furthermore, in OA tissues MSCs gain additional properties which make new bone thicker, but weaker. This has an impact on the overlaying cartilage that becomes exposed to harsher mechanical forces. We will discuss our strategy to modulate MSCs to slow down their ageing and restore their functionality in OA-damaged joints.

Light refreshments are provided at the start. All events are held at NIHR Leeds Biomedical Research Centre, Chapel Allerton Hospital (1st floor)

For more information contact Gwyn 0113 3924485




Conference_ Yorkshire & Humber #Genomics Medicine Centre yhgmc_org

Yorkshire & Humber Genomic Medicine Centre Conference

This is a free educational event for all healthcare professionals who want to explore  the impact of genomics  on patient care, diagnosis and treatment.

Come and hear about the exciting work and developments that are happening in our region:

  • Find out how genomics is already making a difference to patients’ lives
  • Hear how genomics will change how you diagnose and treat patients
  • Learn more about Training & Educational opportunities in genomics for you and your team

When: Wednesday 27th September 2017

Where: The Studio, Leeds Riverside West , LS1 4AW

Programme details & Registration: