Support_#AHPs Health Services Research Proposals consultations @CahprYorkshire @AHP_SHU @kate_grafton

Toe in the water publicity with cahpr and CLAHRC FINAL

Helping AHPs Develop Health Services Research Proposals

Securing health service research funding is a competitive process and can be daunting at the best of times.

These “toe in the water” consultations offer AHPs the chance to discuss and refine new research ideas in an informal way. The consultations provide the opportunity for people to have supportive, exploratory conversations with someone from a similar professional background with experience of successfully obtaining research funding.

The conversation can be used to refine research ideas or to identify further help and support needs. The consultations aim to empower AHPs to participate in research, to develop innovative approaches to clinical practice and to improve outcomes for patients.

For further information, please contact Stephanie Portier, research project administrator, on: or tel: 0114 225 5691


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