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SHAREHD is a Health Foundation-funded programme that aims to support patients receiving haemodialysis (HD) treatment in hospital to be more independent and confident in participating in aspects of their own haemodialysis care.


Welcome to our second SHAREHD newsletter. Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved in the programme to date. A tremendous number of people have given their time, energy and inspiring ideas that we hope we are drawing together to support and inspire each other.

A HUGE thank you in particular to:
• the 12 Trusts for their commitment to the programme
• the research teams who have achieved a fantastic 97% of the target cohort within a 3 month recruitment period – a great accomplishment
• the first 6 teams in the ‘step wedge’ who have attended 4 learning events and established the breakthrough series collaborative – a solid base onto which the next 6 teams will build.

The first six teams have been undertaking tests of change following PDSA (plan do study act) cycles, sharing their progress, success and challenges with the other teams.
Over the last 6 months we have been invited to present at a number of conferences and events including the British Renal Society and UK Kidney Week plus the All Party Parliamentary Health Committee where delivery of shared care in-centre was identified as a true example of ‘patient centred care’.

We have 215 followers on our @sharemydialysis Twitter feed and have setup Facebook
pages for shared care nurses and patients. In the last 3 months our Website has had 523 unique users from as far away as Brazil and India and continues to be an active and evolving repository of news, ideas and resources, which can be downloaded for others to use. and do please share other tools that you use or ideas that you think could be explored to increase shared care.

The programme is about patient engagement, and we are particularly excited about patients working together with their local teams and supporting the core programme to
develop ideas that work for patients to encourage sharing their care. Involving patients in a meaningful way is not easy and we have a huge amount to learn about how we can all work together to embrace the patient voice at every step. In October we have been invited to run a session at the National Kidney Federation’s annual patient conference
where we plan to spread the message with patients directly – please come along and share your voice.

You can also contact Andy Henwood (Patient Advisory Group Lead) directly on The vision of Shared Care is for people who receive incentre dialysis to have the opportunity, choice and information to participate in aspects of their treatment and thereby improve their experience and their

We know that patients and health care professionals are all different and have different motivations but we also all fundamentally believe in the vision and the why. Capturing and sharing the ‘why’ has been both fun and inspirational – you can capture your why and send it to us on Twitter or email and join the movement.

If you want any further information or just have a great idea to share please contact

Martin Wilkie and Sonia Lee

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