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Doncaster’s Festival of Research (17th to 20th October 2017)

In October, we are holding the inaugural Festival of Research (17-20th October 2017). The main conference day will be Tuesday 17th October and will be themed around Health and Well Being priorities.  Our key note speaker is Professor Steve Peters author of the Chimp Paradox.  The event is being jointly planned by  DMBC, RDASH,  DBH and DDCG. 

The idea behind the festival is to showcase Doncaster’s research and attract more research to Doncaster as this is good for both Health and Wealth.  We also want to begin a conversation about why we do research and how we use the knowledge generated to underpin decisions.  There will be a number of fringe events during the week which will aim to both engage and entertain people living and working in Doncaster.

Call for Abstracts

In Autumn 2017, the Doncaster Health and Well Being Board are holding the inaugural Doncaster Festival of Research which we hope will become a regular feature in the local calendar. The 4 day festival aims to showcase the high quality research within Doncaster and encourage knowledge sharing. The Festival of Research will also aim to shed light on the research process by explaining why and how we do it and what we do with the knowledge it creates. We hope to help develop understanding of research to as wide an audience as possible.

The festival will open on Tuesday 17th October with a Lecture and workshop from Professor Steve Peters best selling author of the Chimp Paradox. Beyond this there will be a series of fringe events in venues across the Borough.

For example, an event aimed at 0-19 research in a local school library. This call then is to be part of the Doncaster Festival of Research.
The key theme for the fringe events is to encourage better understanding about #whywedoresearch and must be related to an area of focus for Doncaster’s Health and Well Being Board.

These areas are well being; health and social care transformation; reducing inequalities and five areas of focus which
• Substance Misuse (Drugs and Alcohol)
• Obesity
• Families
• Dementia
• Mental Health

More details of the Doncaster Health and Well Being Strategy can be found here:

Process to apply
If you would like to be part of the Festival please send a:
• 250 word (max) overview of your research project.
• 250 words (max) description of how you would like to communicate your research and in particular how
you will tailor your approach for a lay audience which may consist of patients, local people , frontline staff or
commissioners of services. You can be as innovative as you like.
• A 25 word summary of your proposal.

We are also keen to see submissions from postgraduate students, early career researchers who have or have been undertaking work in Doncaster and hope this is an opportunity to develop skills around communicating research findings to a wide audience.

Please submit your application by 21st July 2017 to

Proposals will be reviewed by the end of July and accepted submissions will be allocated to venues across the Borough.

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