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Get involved. Have your say. Make a difference.

 This consultation is open from Thursday 29 June until Friday 01 September 2017

Over the past year, we have developed and drafted a set of 6 core standards and indicators for public involvement in research.

The draft standards are built on a comprehensive body of work initiated and carried out by others. Core documents can be accessed from the Resources section of this website and key milestones in our work are reported in Work in Progress.

We now invite and welcome the involvement of as wide a range of interested groups, organisations and individuals as possible, to help us review and improve the draft standards and indicators.

We are using an online survey to collect feedback – – individuals and/or groups are welcome to respond. For group responses we suggest that the discussion chair or other nominated person submits the response on their behalf.

You may find it helpful to download some or all of the following documents before you respond to the survey:

Copy of the online survey

Draft Public Involvement Standards

Guidance and slide set for use with consultation events and conversations

If for any reason you are unable to access or download any of the consultation documents, you can also find them on the NIHR website.

If you require assistance with any aspect of the survey please contact the NIHR PI team

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