CLAHRC Child and Young People’s Mental Health Research #CLAHRC_Impact #CLAHRC @officialNIHR


NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber will be attending this event. Places were limited and we have representatives from our Healthy Children, Healthy Families theme and colleagues from our ADHD project within our Telehealth and Telecare Technologies Theme. 
Please contact if you have any queries. 

CLAHRC Child and Young People’s Mental Health Research

5 May 2017 08:30

Generating Impact

Anstey Hall, Cambridge

NETWORK:    with lead researchers and key stakeholders* in CYP MH from across CLAHRCs

EXPLORE:     barriers, solutions and successes for implementing research into practice

IDENTIFY:      opportunities for collaborative working

9.30 Arrival, registration and refreshments

Review CLAHRC posters on turning key research findings into differences in practice

9.45 Welcome, Introductions and Objectives

Welcome and context: Prof Miranda Wolpert, MBE, Director of Evidenced Based Practice UCL, CLAHRC North Thames

What do we want to achieve today?

10.35 What are our priorities for improving evidenced based practice in CYP MH?

What have been main contributions and impacts of CYP MH work in CLAHRCs so far?

What are our priorities improving evidence based practice in CYP MH?

10min BREAK

12.00 What are our aspirations for CYP MH impact and activity in CLAHRCs?

Where are we now?

What are the key steps to closing the gap?

13.00 Lunch

14.00 What might limit our effectiveness? What has been effective so far?

14.45 Identify opportunities for collaborative working to enhance impact in practice of CLAHRCs CYP MH research

What are our clear shared goals and how do we want to work together?

15.15 How can we progress our shared interests effectively – commitments and next event?

How can we continue to work together on CYP MH across CLAHRCs?

What do we want next and future events to focus on?

15.45 Closing Round

What have we found useful today?

16.00 CLOSE


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