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NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber will be attending this event. Places were limited and we have representatives from our Healthy Children, Healthy Families theme and colleagues from our ADHD project within our Telehealth and Telecare Technologies Theme. 
Please contact if you have any queries. 

CLAHRC Child and Young People’s Mental Health Research

5 May 2017 08:30

Generating Impact

Anstey Hall, Cambridge

NETWORK:    with lead researchers and key stakeholders* in CYP MH from across CLAHRCs

EXPLORE:     barriers, solutions and successes for implementing research into practice

IDENTIFY:      opportunities for collaborative working

9.30 Arrival, registration and refreshments

Review CLAHRC posters on turning key research findings into differences in practice

9.45 Welcome, Introductions and Objectives

Welcome and context: Prof Miranda Wolpert, MBE, Director of Evidenced Based Practice UCL, CLAHRC North Thames

What do we want to achieve today?

10.35 What are our priorities for improving evidenced based practice in CYP MH?

What have been main contributions and impacts of CYP MH work in CLAHRCs so far?

What are our priorities improving evidence based practice in CYP MH?

10min BREAK

12.00 What are our aspirations for CYP MH impact and activity in CLAHRCs?

Where are we now?

What are the key steps to closing the gap?

13.00 Lunch

14.00 What might limit our effectiveness? What has been effective so far?

14.45 Identify opportunities for collaborative working to enhance impact in practice of CLAHRCs CYP MH research

What are our clear shared goals and how do we want to work together?

15.15 How can we progress our shared interests effectively – commitments and next event?

How can we continue to work together on CYP MH across CLAHRCs?

What do we want next and future events to focus on?

15.45 Closing Round

What have we found useful today?

16.00 CLOSE


Funding _ Scaling up Improvement @HealthFdn ‏

The Health Foundation

 Scaling Up Improvement

  • Do you have a health care intervention or approach that has been proven to deliver better care?
  • Are you ready to deliver your intervention or approach at scale?
  • We’re looking for teams with approaches or interventions that have been successfully tested at a small scale, shown to improve care and are now ready to be implemented more widely.
  • Apply now to receive up to £500,000 funding to support the implementation and evaluation of your project.

Scaling Up Improvement supports teams to take successful health care interventions or approaches and deliver them at scale, to improve health care in the UK. We will support up to seven projects that aim to scale and spread tested interventions or approaches to improve the delivery of healthcare services. Projects must be able to make improvements at scale at care pathway, health board, clinical network, organisational, regional or national levels. Your project should result in direct impact on patient outcomes within the timescale of the programme.

We welcome applications from any health care or health and social care provider organisation in the UK where NHS services are delivered free at the point of delivery. We are also happy to receive applications from organisations with ability to reach and engage health care audiences and capacity to promote, spread and embed change across NHS through partnership working, such as clinical commissioning groups, health boards, patient safety collaboratives, royal colleges, academic health science networks, and voluntary sector organisations.

The deadline for completed applications is 12 noon on Wednesday 17 May 2017.

For more details please see:


Event_People Power: The Value of Working with Patients @CRFSheffield #whywedoresearch

People Power: The Value of Working with Patients

Friday 19 May 2017

Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day

Tour of the Clinical Research Facility

Clinical Research Facility, O Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2JF

Take a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities which offer patients a dedicated space to take part in clinical research in a warm and welcoming environment. There will also be the chance to interact with some of the specific tests used in clinical trials.

Book your free place on the tour

Image of researcher and patient working on an app

Talk and Exhibition

Talk: 6–7pm
Exhibition: 5.30–6pm and 7–7.45pm

Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN), University of Sheffield, 385a Glossop Rd, Sheffield S10 2HQ

Join us for an evening discussing the importance of researchers working with patients. We will explore research studies where patients have played an influential role and hear how academics can work with patients to transform services. Speakers will include:

  • Professor Brendan Stone from the School of English, was given the Excellence in Patient Experience Award by the NHS Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy in recognition of his work to improve support services for people with mental health issues.
  • Dr Esther Hobson from SITraN will speak about patient and public involvement both through the Sheffield Motor Neurone Disease (MND)Research Advisory Group and involvement on specific projects including the Sheffield Support Snood, MyTube (an information website made with patients for patients with MND) and TiM (telehealth in MND).

There will be an exhibition to browse before and after the talk with stands showcasing the different ways people can get involved in health research.

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International Clinical Trials Day

International Clinical Trials Day commemorates the day that James Lind started his trial on the deadly disease scurvy. In 1747 Lind was serving as a surgeon on HMS Salisbury. His trial consisted of 12 men with scurvy, grouped into pairs and given a variety of dietary supplements from cider to oranges and lemons. After six days, there was a noticeable improvement in the group eating the fruit, providing evidence of the link between citrus fruits and scurvy. Clinical trials have developed a great deal since Lind’s discovery and are of vital importance in medical research.

Find out more about getting involved in clinical research on the Clinical Research Office website or by emailing

19th May International Clinical Trials Day – ‘Ask the Researcher’ @sheffieldhosp @CRFSheffield @NIHRCRN_yorks @NIHR_RDSYH @OfficialNIHR @SHSCFT

International Clinical Trials Day – ‘Ask the Researcher’

Friday 19 May 2017 12:30 – 15:30 BST

The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield, S1 4FW


Join us for afternoon of interactive talks and discussions about some of the exciting Emergency Care and Mental Health research taking place in Sheffield.

The afternoon will begin at 12.30pm where there will be a welcome lunch and a marketplace of stands and stalls including local NHS trusts, our National Institute for Health Research facilities and our numerous patient and public involvement panels that are dedicated to ensuring that the patient’s perspective is embedded into ongoing research projects in key disease areas.

From 1.30pm to 3.30pm, a group of researchers will present and discuss a series of talks on emergency care and mental health research.There will be plenty of opportunity to enter into some thought-provoking discussion with both researchers and members of the public already involved in research.

This event is taking place as part of number of activities taking place to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day.

Please register via eventbrite link below:



For further information, please contact Jackie Palmer –

Tel: 0114 2265412 Email:

PhD_Social Science & Health PhD Projects @LawtonRebecca @LeedsMedHealth


#PPI Ask the Researcher Events @msdresearch ‏

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group
Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Centre

Ask the Researcher Events

Come along to find out more about the latest research in musculoskeletal diseases and discuss with the researchers

All events are held in Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Centre at Chapel Allerton Hospital (1st floor), at both lunchtime (12.30-2.30pm) and evening (6-8pm), with light refreshments provided at start

Upcoming events include:
20th April 2017: Life Long Joints Project
An update on results from the European Lifelongjoints project which aims to improve the lifespan and performance of implants used for joint replacement

29th June 2017: World Scleroderma Day
Hear about updates on scleroderma research

14th September 2017: Osteoarthritis and stem cells
Research on how mesenchymal stem cells are involved in tissue damage in osteoarthritis, and how this can be treated

October and December events still to be announced

For further details see our website: