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Maintaining momentum with the latest issue of The Researcher

Date: 16 February 2017

The third issue of The Researcher has launched today. This digital publication, created for health researchers by health researchers, aims to raise awareness of research careers among nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.

Created by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Health Education England (HEE) and NHS Research and Development North West (NHS R&D NW), working with a team of early career researchers and award-winning writer Rob Young,  The Researcher illustrates the real-life stories of what it’s really like to undertake a research career.

Following a successful first two issues in 2016, this issue explores helping researchers ‘maintain momentum’.

Editorial team member Kimberley Stewart, Senior Clinical Pharmacist at City Hospitals Sunderland, explains why she got involved:

“I wanted to encourage others who might be thinking about a clinical academic career to go for it. It can be quite daunting, taking the first steps into research, but I’ve really benefited from hearing the stories from other early career researchers who have shared their stories.”

Professor Dave Jones, NIHR Dean for Faculty Trainees introduces the third issue of the magazine in a short video message, he said:

“The theme of this edition is around keeping up the momentum in your career. For early career researchers this could mean going on and getting further research funding to take their work to the next level, implementing research into practice in the NHS or beginning to inspire the next generation of researchers.

“In the NIHR we really value the people we support because they’re critical to developing high quality research. We support them through funding of research, but that’s only part of it. We also provide the leadership skills and inspiration they need to be successful and The Researcher is part of our contribution to that. I’ve been inspired by the stories in this edition and I hope readers are too”

Issue 3 of The Researcher is available to read at You can catch up on previous editions here and join the conversation on twitter with #TheResearcherMagazine.


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