Lecture_ SuPPORT 4 all Study #AHP #SFOSE @UniShefEngage @SHUOutreach Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering

The SuPPORT 4 All Study; Making a Bra for Women Undergoing Breast Radiotherapy

Talk by Professor Heidi Probst, Allied Health Professions, Sheffield Hallam University

Date: Thursday 16 March 2017

Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Venue: Adsetts Lecture Theatre 6620, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, S1 1WB

Audience: Age 16+

Every day in the UK 150 women will be told they have breast cancer. Fortunately survival from breast cancer has improved in many countries, with over one million women surviving the disease in 2012. As more women survive, attention has now focussed on reducing the impact of treatment-related side effects. This talk will describe the development of a support bra to aid delivery, and improve dignity, of radiotherapy for women with breast cancer.

To register  http://www.scienceweeksy.org.uk/event/186

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