Lecture_ Championing the Science and Art of Nursing for Health #Nursing #SFOSE @UniShefEngage @SHUOutreach Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering

The Candle is Not There to Illuminate Itself: Championing the Science and Art of Nursing for Health

To book a place go to: http://www.scienceweeksy.org.uk/event/216

Talk by Professor Laura Serrant, Centre for Health and Social Care Research, Sheffield Hallam University

Date: Thursday 16 March 2017 Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm

Venue: Charles Street Lecture Theatre, Charles Street Building, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, 133 Charles Street, Sheffield, S1 2ND

Audience: Age 16+

Nursing in the 21st century is charged with delivering high quality care within an increasingly diverse society, in the face of constraints on human and financial resources. However, nursing is often labelled as a ‘caring’ profession that is secondary to the scientific endeavours of medicine – viewed as ‘responsive’ at best and ‘invisible’ at worst. This presentation looks back at nursing history, and forward towards championing the science and art of nursing – making a case for centralising both in our quest for culturally competent, compassionate leadership in healthcare.

About the presenter: Laura Serrant is Sheffield Hallam’s professor of nursing and a graduate of the University. Laura is a qualified nurse with over 30 years national and international experience in healthcare and her research interests relate to community and public health – specifically health disparities and the needs of marginalised and ‘seldom heard’ communities.
Professor Serrant has been awarded Queens Nurse status by the Queens Nursing Institute. In 2014 she was recognised by the Health Service Journal in three separate categories: Inspirational Women in Healthcare, BME Pioneers and Clinical Leader awards



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