Online course_The Valuing Health MOOC @SCHARRHEDS #FLValuingHealth @FutureLearn

Measuring and Valuing Health: Learn how Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Quality Adjusted Life Years can compare treatments and inform healthcare spending.

“The Valuing Health MOOC (free online course) is currently running and there is still another week available to register.

The course is set out over 3 weeks, is introductory level and is free for anyone to do online.

This free online course will introduce you to health outcomes and explain how they can be measured and valued, to make more informed decisions about where to spend our limited healthcare budgets.

We’ll look at two different types of measures, asking how they’re developed and calculated, and how they’re used by decision makers in practice:

  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs): which are measures completed by the patients themselves, about their health, symptoms, functioning, well-being or satisfaction with treatment.
  • Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs): which compare the benefits of different treatment options, based on the quality and quantity of life they yiel

You can see the course page and watch the trailer here:

Come and join over 2000 other learners to find out more about patient reported outcome measures and quality adjusted life years. “

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