Newsletter_ @sharemydialysis #SHAREHD

SHAREHD is a Health Foundation-funded programme that aims to support patients receiving haemodialysis (HD) treatment in hospital to be more independent and confident in participating in aspects of their own haemodialysis care.

Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Welcome to the first newsletter for the sharehd-newsletter-issue-1-dec-2016-final

We are aiming to produce an update every quarter to make sure that we share the progress, good news and ideas that we hope will make this programme a success for us all. I can’t believe that it has been 4 months since I joined this programme (and the NHS). I have learned so much to get up to speed and hope that you feel, like me that the programme now is fully setup and poised to enter 2017 and an intense period of learning, testing, studying, sharing and then testing and sharing some more.

The research side of the programme gained formal approval to proceed in September which then triggered a tour of all 12 participating NHS Trusts for face to face initiation visits. We really enjoyed meeting all the teams and getting a feel for the environments that you all work in day to day. I would like to thank everyone for being so open, welcoming and enthusiastic about SHAREHD. All sites have gained local approvals and we are on track to achieve the baseline 600 patients by the end of December. Looking forward to 2017 these 600 patients will be contacted every 3 months to confirm the number of tasks they now perform or to repeat the more detailed questionnaires.

We have established the timetable and structures of the Breakthrough Collaborative learning events. The first is to take place on 18th January in Sheffield where the first 6 teams will meet, learn some key Quality Improvement techniques and determine which tests of change they will implement with the aim of encouraging patients to participate in the Share of their own Care.

Teams of patients and health professionals at each Trust will be working together to test out changes that they think will influence patient engagement. This approach we truly believe will ensure that the changes are more impactful and sustainable. Through the learning events and other discussions with the Trusts, we will gain an understanding of what can and does work and hence identify the secrets of scaling –up SHAREHD to multiple and variable locations.

All the programme boards are now established and have held their inaugural meetings. Our Twitter account is @sharemydialysis and we are looking to extend our social media presence using specific Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Any ideas about what and how we can spread and reach others with our key messages are welcomed.Please use the Twitter feed or contact me Sonia Lee (


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