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International symposium on the ethics of ‘Trials within Cohorts’ (TwiCs) 8th Nov ember 2016, London, UK

Building on the first symposium , this second TwiCs symposium brought together both bioethicists and regulators with triallists using (or planning to use) the TwiCs approach. The objectives of the two day symposium were to share experiences of the design and good practice, discuss how TwiCs relate to the current ethical framework, provide a forum for debating ethical issues, explore the potential of the TwiCs approach to create learning healthcare environments, and to Identify future directions for conceptual and empirical research.

See the outcomes of the day

Including from our Theme

The Importance of oversight in TwiCs: experiences from the Community Ageing Research 75+ study

Lesley Brown, Bradford Institute for Health Research,  UK   Poster

And our Theme

Getting past the gatekeeper: overcoming a barrier to research participation

Emily Peckham and colleagues   Poster 

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