SEMINAR @HSRN_UK Winter 2017 New care models @kieran_walshe @MearLiz #AHSN


17th January 2017 14:00 – 17:00, University of Manchester
The seminar, which is hosted and co-chaired by Professor Kieran Walshe, will examine Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS) and Multispecialty Community Providers (MCPs) in the light of current evidence and will explore approaches to their evaluation.

The Five Year Forward View is encouraging the NHS to innovate from the bottom up, via local and regional experiments, across a range of new models of care (NCM).

From January 2015, 50 vanguard sites have been designated within the new care models programme. These vanguards, which are categorised as Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS), Multispecialty Community Providers (MCPs), Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCHs) and Acute Care collaborations (ACCs), aim to improve the health of local communities, provide a better experience of care for patients, and deliver savings for the taxpayer.

In his speech to this year’s NHS Confederation annual conference, Simon Stevens suggested that alongside this permissive approach to local innovation, there needs to be a conversation about ‘some of the ‘elephants in the room’, some of the ‘big ticket items’, the difficult choices, that need to be resolved.’

This seminar aims to be part of that conversation, a ‘what works’ of NCMs, viewing these experiments through the lens of evidence and exploring approaches to their evaluation.

For full details and to book your ticket, please visit the event



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