Research Project_Do you wish you were more physically active? @CSES_shu

Dr Leighton Jones is  currently conducting a study that includes four free one-to-one personalised exercise sessions in a private gym. The study is exploring the application of music and video during exercise.

The four sessions will take place in the fitness suite on Collegiate Campus, Sheffield Hallam University and will last 30min each. The exercise intensity will be personalised to your own capabilities.

Please contact Dr Leighton Jones for further information: or 0114 225 5590

Music has been shown to have a powerful psychological effect on exercise performance when used as a pre-task or in-task accompaniment. The combination of music and video during exercise is a growing area of research and further exploration is needed. It is plausible that using music and video in combination during exercise can enhance how people feel and possibly how much they engage in exercise in the future. This study may have important implications for people wishing to find ways in which to enhance their exercise experience.

Study Purpose
The overall purpose of this study is to assess the influence that music and video delivered via different methods may have on the exercise experience. Music and video will be delivered via television, speakers, headphones, and a virtual reality headset.

This study is aimed at males and females between the ages of 18 and 55 years. You must be free from any cardiovascular or respiratory disease (e.g., asthma). You will be physically active for less than 150 minutes per week (on average).

Exercise testing The foreseeable discomforts of exercise include temporary fatigue and shortness of breath, although these sensations should resolve within minutes after the finishing. There is the small possibility of death related to sudden cardiac arrest, but this is extremely unlikely (approximately 0.5 per 10,000 exercise tests – a probability of approximately 0.00005%).

Personally, the process of selecting music and video for exercise as part of the study may help guide you select appropriate music and video to accompany exercise outside of the study. Also, you may become more aware of techniques that can help enhance your experience of exercise through participating in the study.
In the wider context, we hope this study will increase our understanding of the potential for immersive music and video environment to positively influence the exercise experience.

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