The Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase @Medipex

The Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase was created to identify individuals and teams whose ideas or inventions have directly led to, or could lead to, improvements in patient care within the NHS. The competition is open to all NHS employees in Yorkshire & Humber and the East Midlands or Universities /Companies working with the NHS

Total prize money: £10,000

The closing date for entries is 5pm on Wednesday 30th November 2016 

5 Categories

Medical Devices & Diagnostics
This category is for innovations relating to the development of a new medical device, technology, piece of equipment or diagnostic tool.

Service Improvement
Innovations which have potential to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of services across the NHS.

Mental Health
This category is for innovations relating to improvements in mental health care. In particular, improving access to services and outcomes for vulnerable service users.

GP and Community Care
Innovations relating to improvements in primary care. For example; assisting independent living, reducing hospitals admissions, improvement of prescribing and remote management of patients.

Innovations related to improving the self-management of long term conditions. For example; promotion of healthy lifestyle, increasing access & understanding of key disease indicators, educational materials, improving remote access for patients.

Medipex NHS Innovation Awards bring together the most innovative & exciting people from the region’s NHS & commercial healthcare sector. Over 12 years, the event has established a reputation for showcasing outstanding projects and initiatives from across Yorkshire, Humber and East Midlands regions, providing a unique opportunity to showcase new innovations and thinking from the NHS The competition is open to all NHS staff in Yorkshire and Humber and the East Midlands, or anyone working with an NHS employee (e.g. a company, university employee or individual).

The Awards Ceremony
Finalists will be invited to attend an awards dinner and ceremony on 23rd March 2017 when the winners will be announced. The prize money will be given to the appropriate
clinical directorate on the understanding it will be ring-fenced for the winner.

Entrants are required to use the prize money for the benefit of their idea or innovation.
How to enter: Entries can be submitted via email or post and must be
typed. Faxed and handwritten entries will not be accepted.

Enter by email: Download an entry form from and
email your completed form to:

Enter by post: Download an entry form from and
post your completed form to:
Clare Steele-Childe, Event Manager
Medipex Ltd, Pure Offices Ltd,
4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park,
Leeds, LS15 8GB

About the awards: Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase 2017 is organised by Medipex Ltd, an innovation hub providing technology transfer services to the NHS.
For further information or to find out how Medipex can help you visit

Full competition rules and regulations can be viewed online at

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