Electronic Frailty Index #eFI @expoNHS @officialNIHR & Industry partners @TPP_SystmOne innovation & tech in the NHS #Expo16NHS @CLAHRC_WM

Our NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber project on Development of an Electronic Frailty Index has been presented today (Thursday 8th September) at NHS Expo 2016.

It was presented in the following workshop session:

NIHR and industry – partners in innovation and technology in the NHS Led by NIHR
Time: 08/09/2016, 14:00 – 14:45 Location: Pop-up uni 7
Presented by: Divya Chadha Manek – NIHR Clinical Research Network; Robert Gray – Senior Research Fellow Netscc; Martin Hunt – Director, NIHR Invention for Innovation Programme; Dr Ian Newington – NIHR Central Commissioning Facility

As the research arm of the NHS, we partner with industry to drive and support the healthcare innovation and technology that will benefit patients now and in the future. Hear how the NIHR is the most integrated health research system in the world and, through examples of recent partnerships that have led to innovation in the NHS,we demonstrate how:
• providing access to, and collaborating with, industry advances the global competitiveness of the clinical research infrastructure in the NHS.
• funding the R&D of novel technologies, devices and interventions supports their clinical efficacy and safety for clinical trials and prototypes.



More information about our Primary care based management of frailty in older people theme can be found on our website http://clahrc-yh.nihr.ac.uk/our-themes/primary-care-based-management-of-frailty-in-older-people


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