The Human Factor in Patient Safety HEE_YHumber

HEYH Future Leaders Programme

Fri 21st October – Sheffield

Tues 1st November – Leeds

Tues 29th November – Sheffield

Weds 21st December – Leeds

Thur 22nd December – Leeds

Tues 24th January – Sheffield

The FLP faculty of Human Factors invites teams of healthcare professionals to attend these one-day training events for improved patient safety in Yorkshire and Humber. The interactive courses are inter-professional education opportunities for teams of any specialty, area or background to explore and expand their interest and understanding of Human Factors in healthcare.

08:30 – 09:00 Coffee & registration

09:00 – 17:00 Programme:

  • “What is meant by ‘Human Factors’?”
  • How ‘Human Factors’ impact on patient safety
  • How can ‘Human Factors’ be managed for best effect?
  • Human Factors in context of healthcare initiatives such as SBAR, Checklists and Brief /Debrief
  • How to use this understanding to make everyday practice safer

Though applications from allied groups or teams will be prioritised, individuals are also welcome to apply for places.

Please refer to the current list of event dates, and contact Chloe Anderson at to reserve spaces or check availability.

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