2nd ‘Trials within Cohorts’ (TwiCs) symposium @yorkshirecohort @CLAHRC_N_Thames @ScHARRSheffield

We invite you to the 2nd ‘Trials within Cohorts’ (TwiCs) symposium

(7-8th November, 2016, at the Wellcome Trust, London, UK).

This international symposium will explore ethical issues relating to TwiCs designs, an approach which embeds multiple trials within a cohort or register, tailoring the information disclosed to participants (i.e. according to their group allocation)

Building on the first TwiCs symposium (2014), this symposium brings together triallists, leaders in bioethics, informed consent research and ethics board experts to discuss and debate key ethical questions relating to the design.

What are TwiCs?

If you are interested in attending the 2nd symposium or want more information – please go to this link

Dr Clare Relton and the TwiCs symposium organising team

Merrick Zwarenstein (Western University, Canada)

Lenny Verkooijen (Utrecht Medical Centre, Netherlands)

Danny Young-Afat (Utrecht Medical Centre, Netherlands)

Maarten Burbach (Utrecht Medical Centre, Netherlands)

Kate Thomas (University of Sheffield, UK)

David Torgerson (University of York, UK)

Hashim Ahmed (UCL, UK)




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