NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber, Health Economics and Outcome Measurement (HEOM) Theme #CLAHRC_HEOM

Welcome to the first CLAHRC HEOM newsletter

The aim of our theme is to provide high quality, relevant, flexible and accessible research capacity in health economics and outcome measurement in all aspects of healthcare. Our theme is spread across the Yorkshire and Humber region with core members of the team located at the Universities of Sheffield and York.

HEOM is led by Professor John Brazier and Professor Mark Sculpher with a core team of myself Tracey Young, Laura Bojke, Gerry Richardson, Sam Pye and Jenny Dunn (theme manager).

As a theme, we are involved in many projects and activities. In this newsletter we include features on our PROMS work and projects on air quality and cardiology.
For more information on the HEOM theme and on these and other HEOM projects, visit our webpages

Newsletter Contents: 

  • How important is air quality to health and wellbeing?
  • Establishing regional research priorities for heart attack patients
  • ReQoL – a new PROM for mental health conditions
  • First UK conference on PROMs methods

Dr Tracey Young
Acting HEOM Theme Lead

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