2nd International Conference on Realist Evaluation & Synthesis 2016

2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Realist Evaluation & Synthesis: Advancing Principles, Strengthening Practice


The Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation and Synthesis () at the University of Liverpool is pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on Realist Evaluation and Synthesis, to be held 2nd October – 6th October 2016 at the University of Liverpool (London Campus) and the Barbican Conference Centre, London, UK.

CARES 2016 will support advancement, capacity building and training in the burgeoning areas of realist inquiry (realist evaluation, realist review and realist research). The conference theme: “Advancing Principles, Strengthening Practice” reflects the growing interest in applying realist approaches across many sectors including health, public policy, education, social welfare, criminal justice, and international development. This event will bring together key thinkers in the field and provide an accessible forum to learn about, debate and advance realist methodology. This will be an inclusive event, to broaden our understanding of what it means to do realist inquiry, and to support learning from multiple forms of knowledge and ways of knowing.

The conference will provide:

An energizing forum for networking amongst realist evaluators, researchers, and practitioners;

Advanced training on realist methodology and concepts in the philosophy of Realism;

Plenary talks, oral and poster presentation and informal space for participant-led dialogue and topic exploration.

For more information: http://www.liv.ac.uk/cares


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