Knowledge Mobilisation Fellow #CLAHRCYHPHI

Mobilising knowledge about ethnicity and health

Lynne Carter is currently being funded by the National Institute for Health Research as a Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellow, looking at mobilising knowledge about ethnicity and health.  Her project forms part of the Public Health and  Inequalities theme of NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber .

Working with Professor Sarah Salway, from the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield, Lynne’s fellowship builds on the work of the Evidence and Ethnicity in Commissioning research project. You can find out more

Lynne blogs about her work

Lynne is also establishing a community of practice for anyone interested in mobilising knowledge about ethnicity and health.  Details are available on her blog and    The aim is to learn together and develop effective practice in moving knowledge to action to reduce ethnic health inequalities. Through online interaction Lynne hopes to make it relevant for knowledge creators, knowledge brokers and knowledge users.  So do please contact Lynne if you’re interested in joining or want to find out more.

Lynne’s most recent blog post is about a briefing paper which describes how approaching an equality impact assessment as a knowledge mobilisation process can help to make them more effective.  The paper is available here

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