Talking about the KMR Fellowship experience @joelangley_

NIHR Trainees recently filmed three of our current KMR Fellows who helped explain the award and talked about their own experience as an NIHR trainee:

  1. Vicky Ward
  2. Joe Langley
  3. Janet Harris


Dr Joe Langley a member of the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber, Translating Knowledge into Action Theme

LangleyJoe KMR Fellow filmI have recently been awarded an NIHR KMRF. It will start in April and run for 3 years at 70%FTE.

In this project, I aim to understand how User-centred Design theory and practice might help mobilise tacit and research knowledge into something usable in everyday life or practice. I have posted a little bit more here. The fellowship is co-hosted between Sheffield Hallam University and CLAHRC YH. My mentors are Prof Paul Chamberlain (Design, SHU), Jo Cooke (Health research, CLAHRC YH) and Prof Jo Rycroft-Malone (KM, Bangor University)

I hope to learn from the TK2A project team as I progress through my fellowship, that you will critically review my work so that I can benefit from your experience, support and advice.


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