Whole Systems Obesity Programme workshop 04/07/2016

Invitation to attend informal workshop on Monday 4th July, Weetwood Hall, Leeds

We are holding an informal workshop for local authority colleagues to share the emerging outputs of a programme of work on whole systems obesity. The details are set out below. Would you please note that due to the restrictions imposed in the run up to the Referendum, we have agreed with Public Health England that the event should be invitation only and is not being publicised and as we only have a limited number of places we are sending the invitation to networks in the NW, NE and Y&H in the first instance through the PHE regional lead. If there are any other colleagues who you think we should invite, would you please let us have their name and email at wholesystemsobesity@leedsbeckett.ac.uk?

So that we can manage the logistics, would you please ask colleagues to let us know you are able to join us by 17th June, again to wholesystemsobesity@leedsbeckett.ac.uk?

About the Whole Systems Obesity Programme

Leeds Beckett University has been commissioned by Public Health England to explore how LAs can implement an integrated, systems-oriented approach to tackling obesity. We aim to work with a range of bodies to understand what such an approach looks like in this context; the process required for LAs to create one; and the barriers and drivers to successful implementation across each sector and at each level. In co-production with local authorities, we aim to develop a ‘route map’ that can then be used by any LA to implement its own whole systems approach to obesity. We are working with four Pilot Local Authorities, but in order to gain the greatest amount of knowledge and to make the outputs as useful as possible to all LAs, we are keen to engage other colleagues to get your input.

About the event

We are hoping that colleagues will be able to draw both on your current expertise in terms of what is most likely to work in the local authority context, but also for those of you who have worked in this field for some time to share your experiences of what has worked well and less well in the past so that we can learn from that.  To achieve this, the workshop will cover both the presentation of the outputs so far, but also discussion of some of the emerging issues about what materials and sources of information could be helpful, what we can learn from previous materials and communications, and what if any support colleagues might like to see to make the route map more likely to be useable and constructive.

In outline, the Programme is:

10am to 10.20am: Introduction from Leeds Beckett University to explain the programme, its aims and objectives, the overall approach, and to set out the aims of the day, including what feedback is requested and how this will be used to inform the programme.

10.20am to 11 am: Presentation from Leeds Beckett University setting out the draft route map and how it has been created, what we have found so far, including what we have learnt from international and UK colleagues

11am to 12.30pm: Workshop session on draft route map, feedback on what works well, less well and thoughts on overall approach

12.30pm to 1.15 pm lunch break and networking (lunch is provided)

1.15pm to 3pm: Roundtable discussions and feedback on key themes including:

  • Key opportunities, enablers and barriers to successful implementation
  • Supporting materials and signposting
  • What we can learn from past programmes and materials

3pm to 3.30pm: Discussion on and agreement of next steps

Ethics and Consent

 As you will be aware, the University is an academic institution and one of our objectives is to identify and share new learning, through reports and publications. The University has an Ethics Code to protect participants and we will therefore be asking delegates to confirm that they have read and understood how we will be using information you give us, what to do if you change your mind about sharing it and how you can find out further information if you have any concerns. Please read the attached sheet before deciding whether to join us on 4th July. So that we have a proper record, we will be asking colleagues to sign a copy prior to the start of the workshop. Would you please note that this generic process is used for a wide range of different types of interactions – in this particular case it is not intended that any comments made by colleagues will be individually identifiable or shared externally: we intend to write up the notes of the workshop, collating the comments and suggestions so that we can reflect these in the revised outputs. If there are any comments or suggestions that we would wish to follow up, we will discuss with and seek permission from the individual(s) affected specifically for that purpose.

How to book a place

So that we can plan the workshops and logistics effectively, would you please let us know at wholesystemsobesity@leedsbeckett.ac.uk by Friday 17th June if you are able to attend, including whether you have any access or dietary requirements?

Are you testing out a whole systems approach?

 We are collating examples of who is doing what in terms of creating a whole systems approach to obesity, or another wellbeing-related subject. We are keen to hear from colleagues about your experiences so that we can get a better understanding of how people are interpreting and introducing whole systems approaches so that we can share the information more widely and plan our national event in October. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey:


The deadline for responses is Friday 10th June 2016

National Conference, Leeds Town Hall, 18th October 

 We will be holding a national event in Leeds to share the emerging outputs from the Programme, including from the Pilots, feedback from other partners and international colleagues. This will be an interactive event so that we can introduce the draft route map and materials that the programme is developing and on which we will be consulting over the life of the programme. We will also be sharing the lessons to date on how systems working can be a game changer, hearing from local authorities actively involved in the programme, and taking forward the thinking through workshop sessions and networking.

The event is free to attend and will be of interest to all those involved in tackling obesity including Elected Members, chairs and members of Health and Wellbeing Boards, Directors of Public Health, CEOs, senior officers and managers shaping and delivering Health, Sustainable Communities, Planning, Environment, Education, Transport, Housing, Adult and Children’s Social Services, Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector, Researchers and practitioners.

Please click here for more information and a booking form.


 Registering for updates: Join the Community of Learning

The Community of Learning has been set up to seek input from a range of colleagues to inform the roadmap and toolkit we are producing, and to support exchanges of views and information. You can sign up for the Community of Learning at:


You can also email us at: wholesystemsobesity@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Best wishes, Jane

Jane Riley, Project Manager

Whole Systems Obesity Programme

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