Avoiding Attendance and Admission Theme Newsletter #CLAHRCYHAAA @masons301265

This is the 3rd newsletter for the NIHR CLAHRC YH Avoiding Attendance and Admission theme.

In this edition we update you on progress with our big data studies. A key aim of our theme is to create a database of emergency and urgent care episodes, linking data from time of call to the emergency and urgent care system through to discharge from hospital.

We now have data collected from all acute trusts in Y&H and are currently linking the data. Our work with Hospital Episode Statistics Data is also progressing well and we are now working with a definition of unnecessary attendances. In this issue we introduce Richard Jacques who is our theme statistician and who is analysing both our large datasets.

We also introduce a new study which is linked to our theme – a study investigating reasons for patients attending the ED, funded by the BMA.

In addition, in this issue you’ll find updates on the progress of five studies closely related to the overall theme: pre-hospital mental health nurse triage; senior doctor triage improvement; GP services located in the ED; management of frequent attenders to ED; migrant use of emergency services and also some exciting developments with presentations and talks at national conferences.

Read more here!

Colin O’Keeffe

Research Fellow, AAA Theme Manager


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