Realist Research Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce a short seminar series dedicated to applying a realist philosophy of science to research projects.

Each session will comprise:
 a facilitated discussion of realist principles using accessible papers
 an example of realist research led by a series of speakers

Debate and discussion is encouraged throughout. The programme is designed as a series to support key stages of a realist informed study. However it would also be possible to drop in to individual sessions as needed.

Please feel free to bring your lunch!

Realism and programme theory
Westhorp, G. (2014). Realist impact evaluation: an introduction. London, Overseas Development Institute. Methods lab
Katie Shearn with Peter Allmark, Sheffield Hallam University
Building programme theory.
Friday April 29th 12pm-2pm HoC 1.52 Coll Cres

Realist methods for data capture
Ana Manzano, University of Leeds, introducing her new paper:
The craft of interviewing in realist evaluation.
Due for publication April 2016
Andrew Booth and Susan Hampshaw, University of Sheffield
Using literature to build and test theory
Friday May 20th 12pm-2pm HoC 0.14 Coll Cres,

Applying realist theory to data analysis
Jackson, S.F., and Kolla G. (2012) A new realistic evaluation analysis method: linked coding of contex, mechanism and outcome relation-ships. American Journal of Evaluation 33 (3) pp. 339-349
Sue Mann and Nehla Djellouli, University College London
Data analysis in a large scale realist evaluation
Thursday June 30th 12pm – 2pm HoC 1.52 Coll Cres

To help the organisers in planning the sessions please contact to confirm your attendance.

Please note: Whilst the meetings will engage with the work of Ray Pawson and his colleagues on realist synthesis and evaluation other schools of realism, notably critical realism, will be considered.

Please note: the seminars are taking place at Heart of the Campus (HoC) Sheffield Hallam University


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