Understanding Health Inequalities workshop 18/04/2016 #CLAHRCYHInequalities

Health inequalities are differences in health status in our communities. The more deprived the community/group the higher risk of ill health and premature death. Health inequalities are preventable. One way they can be reduced is by multi-team targeted action on the wider determinants of health, such as local environment or access to housing.

The aim of this workshop is to give a basic introduction to health inequality, and, using examples from practice, consider the impact of local action on the wider determinants of health. The training will aid to empower staff to understand how their own roles have wider impacts on the health agenda.

The workshop is aimed at staff across the local authority, CCG and partner VCS organisations who are unfamiliar with health inequalities. In particular, we wish to target non public health staff.

Title-Introduction to understanding Health Inequalities

Venue-Bar Convent York

Date- 18.04.16

Time- 1.30 until 4

Delivered by-Dr Stephanie Prady

Places are limited so book early at:



Please contact Vanessa Powell-Hoyland with any queries.


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