‘The Legal, Ethical and Professional Considerations in Healthcare Data Research’ @YCHI_Leeds

Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics are launching a new module ‘The Legal, Ethical and Professional Considerations in Healthcare Data Research’ – 9th – 13th May 2016, Charles Thackrah Building.

‘This module will enable you to understand the legal, ethical and professional frameworks that are relevant to research data use. The frameworks will be described and analysed in order to highlight their consistent themes and potential differences. This will be set in the context of the practical steps that researchers need to follow in order to ensure their research project is legally and ethically justifiable. As well as focusing on the particular issues relating to research data use, the module will give you generic tools in legal and ethical analysis that can be applied in other complex settings’.

Course Aims
On completion of this module, participants should be able to:
•Analyse the similarities and differences between and within the laws, ethical principles and professional guidelines that are relevant to research data use.
•Synthesise these into defensible, practical frameworks that can be applied to real-world research settings.
•Evaluate whether research data uses are lawful and ethical.
•Critically assess the appropriateness of different technical measures (‘privacy enhancing techniques’) in overcoming legal and ethical barriers to data access and use.

We have a limited number of spaces available.  Could you please send your ‘expression of interest’ to ychi@leeds.ac.uk by no later than Monday 29th February 2016.

The cost to attend this course is normally £750, discounted to £625 for NHS employees. If you work for the NHS in the Yorkshire and Humber region you may be eligible for a funded place. Please note if you apply for a funded place we will need a supporting personal statement and a letter of support from your employer.
E-mail ychi@leeds.ac.ukto check availability.

More information about the structure and content can be found on our website at http://medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/ychi if you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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