ESRC WR DTC PhD Studentship….the case of quality improvement in the NHS @Sheffieldhosp @Sheffieldmca

ESRC WR DTC PhD Studentship:

For whose benefit? Mobilising service-user involvement for the co-design of public services: the case of Quality Improvement in the NHS

University of Sheffield – Management School

The project will examine user involvement in public service design, with specific focus on the healthcare context. While policy increasingly emphasises patient involvement (PI) as key to quality, efficient, safe services, research highlights the challenges of achieving this in a meaningful way. ………………………………….. Questions remain as to how these strategies can be effectively operationalised and applied more widely across varied NHS settings, the micro-processes through which co-design is enacted and realised, and wider organisational/institutional barriers and facilitators shaping these processes.

The proposed project will address these gaps to inform policy and practice in service co-design. The research will be conducted in collaboration with project partner Sheffield Microsystems Coaching Academy (MCA), Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust, where the development of innovative, evidence-based strategies for improved patient involvement in service co-design is a key priority within quality improvement work across the local healthcare economy. The project will utilise a qualitative, in-depth case study approach to understand the processes and impact of approaches involving patients in quality improvement, inform recommendations for co-design across the health care economy and public services more widely.

The candidate should have knowledge of the healthcare and NHS context. Ideally, they will have experience of working with patients and/or health and social care service providers and/or research interests in the sociology of health care, organisation and management research or health services research. Experience of qualitative, ethnographic, participatory and/or case studies methodologies is desirable.


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