‘Patient and Public Involvement: Resource for Researchers’

Parkinson’s UK are today launching a new ‘Patient and Public Involvement: Resource for Researchers’ as part of an on-going project to increase the support they provide for researchers to effectively involve the perspective of patients and carers in research.

We believe involving people affected by Parkinson’s produces higher quality, more relevant research, which is more likely to receive funding.

This interaction is not limited to patients simply taking part – involvement requires a two-way communication, which is essential to produce the best research possible.

This is why funders are increasingly asking researchers to work with patients, and the public, in the planning, design, implementation and dissemination of their research.

Download our new ‘Patient and Public Involvement: Resource for Researchers’, which covers:

  • what is Patient and Public Involvement?
  • methods of involvement, in both clinical and basic research
  • how to ensure PPI is meaningful
  • case study examples

PPI Resource for Researchers

While it is a resource developed for Parkinson’s researchers, the content has been designed so that it is applicable to other types of research.

As one of the first resources of its kind, we hope it will be shared with many research communities, and that other organisations will find it useful to develop their own guidance.


The resource is available to download from the Parkinson’s UK website: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/researchinvolvement

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