Diamonds Newsletter Issue 2 #CLAHRCMHCM

Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services
DIAMONDS is a programme of research that will increase understanding about severe mental illness (SMI) and diabetes, with an aim to improve health services and outcomes for this patient group.

Diamonds Newsletter Issue 2

Project updates

Our study reviewing the evidence about what helps to improve diabetes outcomes in people with severe mental illness (SMI) is nearing completion. We identified and reviewed over 50 published studies. The findings will be reported in the New Year, and will help to inform the development of an intervention to improve diabetes care for people with SMI. We have started our investigation of routinely collected patient-level data comparing diabetes care and outcomes for people with and without SMI. Our dataset of 300,000 patients attending GP practices in England contains over 1000 patients with co-existing diabetes and SMI. We are also awaiting a larger dataset of patients with SMI from ResearchOne, following our successful application to their Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network funded project. This study will start to identify which patients with SMI are at greatest risk of developing diabetes and associated complications, and why.

More information about our Mental Health and Comorbidities theme can be found here


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