Devices for Dignity Newsletter November 2015

The Sheffield Support Snood project – now recruiting!

The Sheffield Support Snood is a neck orthosis (collar) for people with neck muscle weakness that was initially developed for people with motor neurone disease (MND). We are pleased to annouce that we are now recruiting trial participants at three sites (Sheffield, Oxford, and King’s College London), with more to follow. So far 6 patients have been fitted with the eagerly-awaited collar, and the Motor Neurone Disease Association is promoting the study through their blog, here. We anticipate around 150 participants in total.

We have received some early feedback from both participants and carers during the first wearing of the Sheffield Support Snood:

Patient:  “This is much better
Carer: “I can see his face better now
Carer: “I am sure it will be easier to feed him with the collar on

Further information on the Snood, including project partners, can be found through the MNDA’s blog.

Patient-led Event report – available from 2 December 2015

On 2 June 2015 Devices for Dignity held ‘My Dignity Means: A Patient-led Event’. The day was the culmination of months of working closely with patients to build an event that gave people with long-term conditions (and their carers) the opportunity to tell the NHS and industry about their lived experiences, and their priorities for future product development. The event’s programme was based upon the 655 responses to the Independence and Dignity Survey that we conducted from February to May 2015. Since the event we’ve been busy following up on the priorities that attendees identified for us.

On 2 December we are releasing a report on our Independence and Dignity Survey findings, the priorities identified at the event, and what we’ve been doing in the 6 months since our Patient-led Event. The report will be shared directly with attendees, and will also be available on our website, here, from 2 December 2015.

Proof of Concept funding competition – deadline 4 December 2015

D4D is collaborating with Medipex and Medilink Yorkshire & Humber to support a new Proof of Concept funding competition launched by the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (Y&H AHSN). It is a great opportunity for medical technology SMEs based in Yorkshire and Humber to apply for the equivalent of £23K of guidance and support to develop a business innovation. The deadline is very close; applications have to be received by the Y&H AHSN by 4 December 2015 at 1700hrs. D4D is looking forward to joining the panel to assess the entries, and to working with the winners over the coming months.

Details can be found here.

Software as a medical device – does your app need to meet regulations?

Are you involved in the development of standalone software with potential medical applications? Last month we published a special edition of the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, which included 11 articles covering aspects of NIHR Devices for Dignity HTC’s programme and areas of expertise. One of the articles concerns the regulatory requirements of standalone medical devices, including apps, so if you are interested in app development or are undertaking projects that are likely to require regulatory knowledge, you may find the article valuable. You can access the article here:

The full press release is available here.

Applying for funding for product development?

We are pleased to let you know that 11th Call for Invention for Innovation (i4i) Product Development Awards is now open. The deadline for this two stage call is 13 January 2016. Further information about the awards can be found here.

Devices for Dignity is committed to delivering innovative technology solutions to support people with long-term conditions, preserving their dignity and independence. We have found the i4i Programme particularly valuable for proposals with a strong focus on patient need. If you need advice and support on the application form, please contact our commercial arm, D4D Ltd.
Our Independence and Dignity Survey was so successful that we have re-opened it.  If you have or had a long-term condition, or care for someone that does, tell us about it – please complete our survey, here.

If you have identified an unmet clinical need, please tell us about it through our Innovation Portal, here.

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