#CLAHRCs & #CLAHRCFrailty in the #NIHR Annual Report 2014/2015 @TPP_SystmOne

NIHR Annual Report 

NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) work to ensure that
applied health research is transferable across the NHS so that the highest quality of patient care and outcomes are

NIHR CLAHRCs are each hosted by a single NHS organisation or provider of NHS services, acting on behalf of a collaboration of local providers and NHS commissioners, universities, other relevant local organisations and the relevant Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

They work closely with a range of industry sectors, such as pharmaceutical companies, software companies and medical device manufacturers as they look for cost-effective ways to improve patient care. CLAHRCs work in partnership with their local NHS to translate research findings into improved outcomes for patients. Through this work, they contribute to the nation’s economic growth. The 13 CLAHRCs primarily focus on research targeted at chronic disease and public health interventions.

Development of an electronic index to assess frailty
NIHR Yorkshire and Humberside CLAHRC has worked in collaboration with the clinical software development company TPP to develop an electronic Frailty Index (eFI) for informing care decisions. The eFI is designed to identify and severity grade frailty, allowing clinicians to identify the frailest people in their practice. The index uses routine primary care data contained in electronic health records and does not require additional clinical assessment. The eFI has since been made available
through SystmOne, the electronic patient record system used by over 2,000 General Practices.

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