NICE Scholarships, Implementation, patient experience, equality and more

NICE Scholarships are one-year opportunities to find out about the inner workings of NICE and undertake a supported improvement project, related to NICE guidance, within a local organisation.

View examples of potential projects (pdf) that might be suitable activities for Scholars.

NICE Scholars are supported in their project via a series of workshops, access to a very experienced mentor and contact with the expert teams at NICE. Scholars are expected to devote approximately 7.5 hours per week to their Scholarship project.

NICE Scholarships are typically awarded to:

  • specialist registrars
  • senior nurses
  • pharmacists and allied health professionals
  • service improvement leads,
  • public health and social care specialists
  • health service managers

This year we are also looking for applications from lay members on NICE’s committees or from people working in the charitable and voluntary sector.

In addition to their project-based activities, NICE Scholars are expected to:

  • Act as local ambassadors for clinical and public health and social care excellence.
  • Promote the principles and the recommendations of NICE guidance – through teaching activities, for example.

NICE Scholars are not paid. NICE will, however, meet all reasonable expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation) incurred in the course of carrying out Scholarship activities.

NICE aim to appoint 10 NICE Scholars each year.

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