World Class Research Making a difference – Electronic Frailty Index #CLAHRCYHFrailty #CLAHRCs

Electronic Frailty Index (eFI) – CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber

  • Screening tool developed in collaboration with Industry to support frail patients
  • Tool used by a third of GP practices covering 25 million

It is estimated that one in ten people over 65, and one in four over 85, are frail. Frailty is associated with adverse outcomes including a need for long-term care residence, hospitalisation and mortality caused by events such as falls. The Care Act of 2014 legislates for a preventative approach to the management of older people, especially the frail.

To help identify the frail elderly in primary care, so that they can receive more proactive support, CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber has developed an electronic frailty index (eFI) in conjunction with industry partners TPP and SystmOne. The eFI is made up of 36 indicators and produces an overall score to allow the GP to identify the frailest people within their practice.

The eFI has been embedded into SystmOne, the predominant clinical software system in Yorkshire and Humber, and which is used by over a third of UK GP practices for over 25 million patients. It has also been recognised nationally by the British Geriatric Society’s ‘Fit for Frailty’ Commissioning Guidelines.

Project summary
What? – The Electronic Frailty Index (eFI) is an screening tool
that allows GPs to identify their frailest patients.
Why? – It is estimated that one in ten people over 65 and one in four over 85 can be categorised as frail and that frailty causes falls, hospitalisation and long-term residential care.
How? – The eFI was developed in partnership with industry partners, and
highlighted 36 pointers that identify the most-frail patients.

Result: The eFI is now used in over a third of GP practices nationally covering more than 25 million patients.

Case study taken from the CLAHRCs Impact document  World class research making a difference


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