How we can improve healthcare through research? MOOC @NIHRCRN @NIHRCRN_yorks @UniversityLeeds @

The University of Leeds has teamed up with the NIHR CRN to deliver a free on-line course on:

How we can improve healthcare through research.

Starting on 2nd November 2015, this short course looks at how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated, to improve healthcare for all, on this free online course.

We will look at what is clinical research, how it plays such an important role within the NHS, how Clinical research has changed medicine and how you can contribute to clinical research.

Everything we do in healthcare.
“Every tablet that’s prescribed, every treatment that’s given and every test that’s performed has to be first discovered and then thoroughly evaluated before it can be put into practice.”

This discovery and evaluation is done in a variety of ways, which collectively we call “research.” And research that involves people, we call “clinical research.”This free online course is all about this process of discovery and how it is used to improve healthcare.

The course is led by Dr Fiona O’Neill an expert in learning and development for the NHS workforce and patient engagement and Professor Allan Gaw, who has extensive experience in teaching and writing about the scientific and ethical principles that inform research care, with specialisms in cholesterol lowering therapies, and cardiovascular disease.

The course starts on 2nd November and runs for four weeks. Requiring just 4 hours of study a week, this course includes videos, interactive activities and discussion sessions for sharing ideas and building networks. The format is ideal for those who are working or have other commitments.

You can view a short video about the course and sign up at;

or find out more about online courses at the University of Leeds by visiting our website;<>.

Also we now have links to our additional course trailers available on YouTube at the following addresses;

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