Membership competition for 2017 NIHR SCHOOL FOR PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH

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A new, open competition to renew and refresh Membership of the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) has now opened. The School will bring together leading academic institutions in England demonstrating excellence in applied public health research, including evaluations, and place emphasis on what works practically and can be applied across the whole country.

The purpose of the new competition is to enable funding of a renewed and refreshed NIHR SPHR from 01 April 2017. It will enable the School to continue to fulfil its mission by helping to build on the progress made in the initial funding term.

The purpose of the NIHR SPHR is to:

  • Conduct research to increase the volume and quality of applied public health research and evidence, including evaluations;
  • Create an environment where first class public health research, focussed on the needs of the public, can thrive; and
  • Support local public health practitioners and policy makers to engage with research and actively seek out high quality research evidence to inform their decisions.

Funding will be awarded for a five-year period starting 01 April 2017. The School will be supported by NIHR research funding in the region of £20 million over this period. This will be awarded through a renew and refresh open competition to academic institution members with an excellent track record of applied public health research and evaluative practice in public health in England.

The closing date for submission of applications is 07 December 2015 at 1:00pm.

The guidance document is available.

To receive an application pack and associated guidance, please enter your e-mail address, type the characters shown in the anti-spam form and click the ‘Request application pack’ button.

Applications to this competition must be made using the forms contained in the pack supplied through this website. After completing your application, please attach the forms to an email and send it to

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