Building research capacity in the NHS – #CLAHRCYHRCB

Building research capacity in the NHS – a short secondment successfully completed

The Collaboration for Leadership and Applied Health Researchand Care, Yorkshire and Humber (CLAHRC YH) supported a short term secondment of Occupational Therapist Ali Madden-Fitzgibbon, from the Assessment and Rehab Centre and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Ali was placed with the‘Valuing Active Life in Dementia’ (VALID) research team in Sheffield, to develop her research skills. It worked really well for all concerned – the research team gained the expertise of an experienced occupational therapist. Ali was able to pick up the requirements of the research very quickly, recruiting and seeking informed consent from people living with dementia and their supporters. Ali gained experience of working on a large, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) funded study and the requirements of a multi site, randomised control trial of a complex intervention (Community Occupational Therapy in Dementia, COTiD-UK). She also networked with researchers in the University and local NHS research staff. Ali plans to use these networks and experience to support research and within her own practice and setting.

Research Capacity Development in NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber

Research Capacity Building (RCB) is a process of individual and institutional development that leads to higher levels of skills and greater ability to produce useful research.
The research capacity strategy for the CLAHRC YH is adapted from an evidence-informed framework (Cooke 2005). It aims to support individuals, teams, organisations and networks to develop, and undertake, research that is useful to health services, academia and the wider economy.
The strategy aims to support synergies across different structural levels. In this way individuals will be supported in their working and networking environment; and networks and organisations will have research undertaken within them that meets organisational objectives.

Jo Cooke Capacity Lead

Jo Cooke CLAHRC YH Capacity Lead – leads the capacity development strategy in the core team. Jo will work with other academics, CLAHRC YH collaborators, and other parts of the NIHR infrastructure to undertake evaluation of our approach, and to learn what works as we progress together.
Capacity development is an underlying principle in the way the CLAHRC YH works, and as such we expect that it will become routine practice within themes and across the collaboration as a whole. Further information can be found on our website. 

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