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Local Digital Roadmaps

The Forward View into Action: Paper-free at the Point of Care – Preparing to Develop Local Digital Roadmaps

The Five Year Forward View identified harnessing the information revolution as a key enabler to securing a sustainable NHS and made a commitment that, by 2020, all electronic health records would be fully interoperable so that patient records are paperless. This vision was supported by the establishment of the National Information Board and its ambition to transform the health and care digital landscape outlined in Personalised Health and Care 2020 – A Framework for Action.

A key proposal outlined in this document, and later adopted as government policy, was to invite local areas to produce digital roadmaps detailing the steps they will take, and when, in their progress towards a fully interoperable way of working. Local digital roadmaps will generate momentum across a local health economy, inform local investment prioritization and support local benefit realization strategies.

By April 2016, every local area is expected to submit their local digital roadmap detailing how they will achieve the ambition of being paper-free at the point of care by 2020. In the first concrete step towards this goal, CCGs are required to establish the ‘footprint’ of their local digital roadmap. The footprint for a roadmap will cover either a single CCG area or multiple CCG areas. This means that individual CCGs will be able to decide whether or not to cluster together with neighbouring CCGs – resulting in Lead and Partner CCGs – in the development of a single roadmap.

Detailed guidance – produced by the National Information Board, and endorsed by the Five Year Forward View members – has been published to support CCGs with the development of their roadmaps. Each and every CCG is required to complete and return a footprint and governance template by 30 October 2015. These are split into two distinct categories

  1. A template for lead CCGs to complete
  2. A template for partner CCGs to complete

A programme of national, regional and virtual events for both commissioners and providers to engage with new resources and learn from each other is also underway.

Feedback, Further Support and Events

An initial round of events will be held in the autumn aimed at leaders and managers from local commissioning organisations who will be leading the development of their local digital roadmaps. These events will provide an opportunity for attendees to:

  • Understand what makes a good roadmap and how it links to the digital maturity index and interoperability programme
  • Hear from local areas who have already embarked on the journey to interoperable digital records, and have learned lessons and delivered benefits along the way
  • Explore how to work with other stakeholders in the production of the roadmap
  • Become familiar with the additional resources that will be provided
  • Participate in the design of further elements of the programme, such as a learning platform

Dates and locations are as follows:

Further details will be published here in due course. In the meantime, to help us plan the events in detail, if you are interested in attending, then please register an expression of interest and hold the date in your diary.

Learning from others

Some organisations and systems have already developed their digital capabilities and can be looked to as examples for those in the process of creating their own roadmaps. Representatives from these organisations will be taking part in many of the support events listed above.

IDCR Success Stories

Further case studies of roadmaps and developing digital capabilities will be provided in the autumn.

If you require further details on other areas of Digital Technology, feel free to contact the Digital Technology team on england.digitaltechnology@nhs.net

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