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Keeping us all healthy

What does being SEDENTARY mean?

SEDENTARY means sitting still – for long periods of time

It could be at work, especially if you have a desk job

It could be at home – spending time on the computer, reading or watching TV

Does it matter ?

Sedentary behaviour is associated with poor health –  standing more and moving more can actively reduce the risk of some cancers, obesity, heart disease, muscle and joint problem, and depression

Become less sedentary!

You don’t have to stop working at a computer, watching TV or reading books to become less sedentary.

To become less sedentary we should aim to break up those sitting times with short periods of activity such as standing up, moving, stretching.

Take regular breaks!

Go for a walk, stretch your legs, and increase your activity during the working day!

Back in 5 minutes!

If you see a lift … Look for the stairs!

More Tips to reduce Sitting time…

  • Stand on the bus, tram or train
  • Walk up escalators
  • Stand and walk around while on the phone
  • Take a walk-break every time you take a coffee, tea or lunch break
  • Try a walking meeting

Swap some TV time for more active tasks or hobbies

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