Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Research (non-accredited) course

Dates 24th/25th November 2015
Who should attend the course?
 Early stage academic researchers/researchers with limited experience of PPI
 People experienced in providing a PPI perspective in research who wish to further their knowledge
 Research managers
 Clinicians with an interest in developing PPI within research studies
Course aims
 To gain an appreciation and understanding of the role that PPI plays in all aspects of the research cycle
 To explore the benefits and challenges of genuine involvement through the use of real world examples
 To gain knowledge of and practical insights into patient and public involvement within research priority setting exercises, the development of funding applications and research design, and the grant reviewing process
 To debate and explore the ethics, values and principles of effective and inclusive involvement
 To gain knowledge and understanding of the evidence relating to the impact of patient and public involvement in research, and methods and approaches to evaluating its impact

Course content
This highly interactive two day course provides the opportunity for attendees to meet and engage with academic and lay researchers with an established national reputation in patient and public involvement (PPI). The course provides an arena for discussion and debate focusing on current issues surrounding the values and qualities relating to PPI in research. Combined practical sessions are also offered, which will support the development of knowledge and skills in relation PPI within research priority setting, funding applications and research design, and in the review of grant applications. Speakers include representatives from the James Lind Alliance, the NIHR Research Design Service, the NIHR CLAHRC for East of England, INVOLVE, as well as researchers from the Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care Centre (CRIPACC), University of Hertfordshire and members of CRIPACC’s Public Involvement in Research (PIR) group. These interactive sessions highlight PPI within the wider research community, potential support networks for researchers as well as an exploration of real world research examples of successful PPI. The inclusion of a workshop allows you to consider newly developed evaluation tools and will culminate in a lively debate about the future of PPI in research.

Where is the course taught and by whom?
The course is managed and delivered by Dr Jane Smiddy, Dr Jonathan Boote, Professor Sally Kendall and members of the PIR group
External Speakers: – Dr Sophie Staniszewska (University of Warwick), Professor Patricia Wilson (University of Kent), Associate Professor Andy Gibson (University of West of England), Katherine Cowan (James Lind Alliance), Sarah Buckland (INVOLVE) and Louise Worsick (NIHR Central Commissioning Facility)

Cost: To find out information about the fees visit

Contract funding for NHS staff
The University is contracted by the NHS to provide post-registration education/CPD and training for its health professionals. If you are an NHS employee contact the senior manager responsible for post-registration education/CPD in your Trust to check if the course you wish to attend can be supported by the Trust’s contract with our University.

Course Enquiries
Dr Jane Smiddy
tel 01707 286166
Booking Enquiries
Health CPD Team
tel 01707 284956 fax 01707 285814

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