Haelo Festival of Learning #improvementscience #Festivaloflearning @_Haelo

A showcase of innovation

Haelo brings you our first Festival of Learning to showcase the innovation and cutting edge improvement work being undertaken in Salford, regionally and nationally. Through tailored learning labs, our expert faculty will challenge your thinking and provide a stimulating platform of learning across varied topics.

Haelo is an innovation and improvement centre which hosts improvement experts, clinicians, improvement fellows and researchers.We are a joint venture between Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and Salford City Council.The primary purpose of Haelo is to improve population health and healthcare for Salford residents; however we believe this is only possible if we invest in learning partnerships with like-minded providers which centre on shared ambitions for excellence, inclusion and learning.We partner with regional, national and international partners to develop, deliver and evaluate our work.



Lights! Camera! Improvement!
Telling your improvement story through film

Digital media has revolutionised the way we live our lives, empowering citizens and providing opportunities for gaining new information from a vast array of sources within minutes.

In this learning lab we will bid a fond farewell to the ‘how-to guide’ and look at how film and digital media can be used to harvest, manage and share knowledge about improvement. The session will be led by Dr Mike Evans, a Canadian hospital doctor, who is known worldwide for his work in innovative health messaging to the public, and Aaron Gow, Haelo’s film lead. Find out more online

The Science of Improvement
A masterclass with Lloyd ProvostYou will be taught by Lloyd Provost, an internationally renowned expert in the education and application of improvement science. Lloyd is also one of the authors of the Improvement Guide, a world famous textbook for people working in quality improvement.

You will explore the history of improvement science; and then delve into the Theory of Profound Knowledge, material will be brought to life through breakout sessions, exercises and hearing case studies from the Salford Clinical Faculty. Find out more online

Improving culture, quality & assurance
The Salford Royal Nursing Assessment & Accreditation SchemeIn 2007 Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust had no system for understanding the quality of care being delivered at the ward level. Over the next eight years they systematically developed an assessment process, which drove a culture of improvement change in the organisation.

Delegates will hear the NAAS story, learning unique insights into its history and development, including a walk through the assessment process and learning from the NAAS. Find out more online.

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