Webinar – Critical realism and realist evaluation: An overview for everyone @UAlberta

Critical Realism and Realist Evaluation: An overview for Everyone

The IIQM Atlas.ti Masterclass webinar is posted here:


NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber

Critical realism and realist evaluation: An overview for everyone

International Institute for Qualitative Methodology – University of Alberta

Critical realism and realist evaluation research are increasingly fashionable but seldom understood or done well. Participate in this webinar to learn what critical realism and realist evaluation are and how you can use them in research.

Join Alex Clark as he draws on 15 years experience leading research using critical realist and realist evaluation. Using every day examples, learn what the main tenets of critical realism are and why the realist aim of explanation is so important to research. In the second half, see how these are expressed in realist evaluation – the seminal approach of Pawson & Tilley – and can be used to explore programs, interventions and policy mechanisms and how these vary by context.
No previous experience or knowledge is needed and the webinar is relevant for all disciplines.

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