Avoiding Attendance and Admission Theme Newsletter #CLAHRCYHAAA

The 2nd newsletter for the NIHR CLAHRC YH Avoiding Attendance and Admission theme has been published.

I am pleased to say we’ve made some excellent progress in the six months since our last newsletter. In this 2nd edition we update you on progress with four studies closely related to the overall theme: work around GP services located in the ED; management of frequent attenders to ED; migrant use of emergency services; and pre-hospital mental health nurse triage.

The main focus of the early part of the theme work has been to set up our large routine emergency and urgent care (EUC) data studies. A key aim is to link pre-hospital and hospital data to describe the patient journey in the EUC system in Yorkshire and Humber. We have now collected data from eight of the fourteen hospital trusts in the region towards this goal and the pre-hospital data from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has now been approved for release.  We are also collecting HES data to provide further breadth to the analysis and this data has now arrived in the department.  We are delighted to introduce Saleema Rex in this newsletter, who is the data management specialist working very hard on this all this data at the moment.

For the Senior Doctor Triage Study introduced in the last newsletter, we had an excellent workshop in March at which the initial findings were reported to clinicians attending from over 11 trusts.  Our other two core studies which are scoping effective interventions in EUC in Y&H are well advanced, at analysis stage and publication drafting respectively.

So overall, there feels like a lot of exciting and potentially very useful work underway and we hope you find this newsletter interesting and informative. All the best for the summer and we hope you all have some great holidays if you find the time!                                                                                                                                                                              

Colin O’Keeffe
Research Fellow, NIHR CLAHRC YH Theme Project Manager

Clickable link direct to the newsletter https://drive.google.com/a/sheffield.ac.uk/file/d/0B9-CrW0qidmNRXdRdXJzRTBpSDQ/view

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