Devices for Dignity Newsletter July 2015

Delivering innovative technology solutions to support people with long-term conditions, preserving their dignity and independence.

Newsletter July 2015

Do you have a long-term condition?  

Do you have, or have you had a long-term condition or disability?  Many people’s day-to-day lives are affected to some degree.  In our recent Independence and Dignity survey only 32% of working age respondents said that their condition did not affect their ability to work.  40% of respondents said that their condition prevented them from working at all.

Our survey proved so popular that we have now re-opened it. The survey is providing us with valuable information that will help us to ensure we’re addressing priorities that people with long-term conditions and disabilities are helping us to identify.  If you have or had a long-term condition, or care for someone that does, tell us about it – please complete our survey, here.

My Dignity Means – the film

In June we held our first patient-led event (“My Dignity Means”) to listen to, explore, and discuss the experiences and opinions of people living with long-term conditions and their carers.
“It’s been inspiring to see the patients talking in real terms to the designers, to the clinicians, about the changes that they want to see in the design of devices.”

A short film of the event is now available here.  For a recap of the day you can also find us on Storify, here, or read the press release here.

We are now working on some of the independence and dignity issues raised during the event, and will release a report from the event and associated survey later this year.

Design4Health – People’s Choice Award

We were delighted to sponsor the People’s Choice Award at the Design4Health conference in Sheffield on 13-16th July 2015.  The 24hr design challenge was for teams to develop an idea to help people with Parkinson’s Disease. The winners of this award chose to address freezing:

“The biggest challenge is freezing – it is public and embarrassing, and a huge, huge emotional thing”.

Congratulations to the team – we hope to see your device, Pulse Pal, develop further.  Read about the Design Challenge, and Pulse Pal, here.

Addressing unmet needs in child health – TITCH

TITCH is a national healthcare network that is dedicated to the development of technology solutions to help improve children’s healthcare. Do you care for a child with specific needs, or perhaps you work in healthcare, either clinically or academically? If you have an unmet need that the TITCH collaborative could look at please tell us about it through our website.  TITCH is a new network, and now is an ideal time to suggest projects that we could add to our portfolio.  For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @titchinnovate.

Interested in Commercialisation of Medical Devices?

Are you developing a technology or device, and need support, for instance with regulatory requirements or commercialisation?  If you would like to know more about the support our commercial arm, D4D Ltd, is able to offer please visit the website, here.
Our next newsletter will be the September edition.  In the meantime, we hope you all have a lovely summer.

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